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The Basics of Customer Service

There’s a lot of information out there about the basics of customer experience. Companies are buying in, paying for employee training, and empowering employees to create it to keep customers. Long term customers buy more services from providers they trust. Right?...

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Marketing Disconnected

Looking from the outside, marketing often seems to be a fun and easy place to be. The cartoon Dilbert brings to the surface what many think about the field, i.e., liquor and guessing. Marketing throws great parties, creates pretty brochures and decorates for the...

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Every Customer is Our Customer

I never tire of hearing the story of rural cooperatives. It is one of progress. Meeting a need that some never thought they would want or need. Services that ensured one could live in the rural community of their choice and have the safety of communication. And don’t...

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The Diffusion of Innovation

I’ve been taking a few classes over the last 18 months and I’m in the midst of social media marketing. In this week’s reading, there was something called “diffusion of innovation” theory. Although the class is all about social media, the reading reminded me of what...

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Marketing and the Art of Storytelling

My sister has been in the medical industry and now works for a local retailer. She is a member of the late baby boomer generation and our ages are separated by a mere six years (it seemed like a big difference when I was younger). Although my sis has used computers at...

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Welcome to our Blog – Take Notice Marketing

Welcome! My name is Carrie Huckeby and this is my tiny space called Take Notice Marketing. Let me explain the name. For eight years, I traveled between my home in Tennessee to western Kentucky to work. The 7 hour weekly round trip was mainly interstate driving with a...

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