Welcome! My name is Carrie Huckeby and this is my tiny space called Take Notice Marketing. Let me explain the name. For eight years, I traveled between my home in Tennessee to western Kentucky to work. The 7 hour weekly round trip was mainly interstate driving with a consistent pace of at least 70 MPH (Ok, more like 80.). Without making a concerted effort, the trip could pass without any notice of the surroundings. Sometimes I wondered how I got to my parking place in Kentucky.

One morning, before sunrise and in the dampness of fog, I noticed an older man walking from the local store with a cup of coffee in his hand. It was the steam rising from the hot liquid that grabbed my attention. I wondered if he went there every morning. I started building a story in my head. I saw the bread truck driver rolling in his goods for the morning delivery. I passed the roofing company and watched the employees gathering their tools knowing their day would get harder with the heat. I gazed at the twinkling lights in the Nashville skyline and the hugeness (is that really a word) of the Titan’s stadium. Life is full of good things. We just have to take notice.

How does that story relate to my blog name? Well just like the landscape, the broadband business is full of good things. Isn’t marketing all about observation and taking notice? What do our clients need? What do our consumers want? Are we paying attention?  What started as a genuine effort to notice the simple things in my personal life became an exercise in taking notice of marketing techniques, articles, practices, and daily experiences. After all, many of our hours are spent making a living.

That’s what you’ll read in my blog. Observations of best customer service practices and some not-so-good ones. I’ll write about using outside residential sales teams to reach your numbers and touch on the use of social media. Of course, there are so many good books being written about storytelling and content marketing. I’m sure I’ll touch on some of my latest reads. There’s a lot to talk about collecting customer data and whether promotions really work. I’ve never found a shortage of things to talk about in our business. Marketing people do not run out of questions to ask or things to say. Just ask our co-workers.

So, I encourage you to take notice of all things. I hope to hear about your own “take notice” moments and marketing observations. We can certainly compare notes and take notice together.